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Since 1960, PARIS FRANCE GARAGE has specialized in the management of car parking garages and operates approximately 2000 parking spaces in Paris. Thanks to this experience, we strive every day to respond to our customers expectations by providing comfortable and secure parking spaces.

Recently renovated, our parking garages are equipped with the latest generation of access control systems and license plate recognition (LPR).

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Moreover, our team of experienced guards monitor our sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, in the center of Paris, the cost per hour is as high as 3 € per hour. By booking with us, pay as low as 18 € for 24 hours (0.75€/hour), or 42 € for 72 hours (0.58€/hour).

The more you stay, the less you pay per hour !

Our ideal and strategic locations allow our customers to park their car in a secure space indoors and move to the center of Paris with the excellent public transportation system available - close to our parking garages. Thus, avoiding parking tickets and the famous Paris’ traffic jams.

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Reception Desk 24/7

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Handicapped Spaces

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Just wanted to write and say how impressed I was with the politeness, care and assistance my family and I received when parking and collecting our car which we left at 'Parking Gambetta' from 27th April to 3rd May 2011.  We were humbled.  Thank you, it meant so much! We will certainly be recommending your carparks.
- Victoria McDowell
London, UK

Great service and big savings, i will definitely recommend you around me.
- Hans

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Car Parking in Paris and Long Stay Parking Paris

Paris, every traveller’s dream and the crowned jewel of France, is located on the banks of the river Seine. Being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris is also considered be the world capital of fashion as well as the most romantic destination in the world. Every year, millions of people flock to Paris to get a glimpse of the world famous architecture, the seasonal fashion shows as well as to get a taste of some of the best examples of French cuisine.

Since the city is one of the most populous in the whole world, it is needless to say just how many drivers are on the lookout for the perfect car parking in Paris. Finding car parks in Paris to park your car when you are in a rush is never easy. What’s more, if you are driving to work in the city, you are bound to face all sorts of issues on a daily basis when it comes to finding places for cheap parking in Paris. You wouldn’t want to spend your visit to beautiful Paris thinking about your car sitting unguarded on a car park Paris would you? We have an answer for that.

Find Cheap Parking in Paris

While the stunningly captivating city of Paris may be abundant with plenty of incredible places to visit, finding affordable car parks in Paris may not be as easy. Imagine a situation where you are just in time for an all important appointment and you are circling around the block trying to find a parking spot. This could delay you by a great deal. This is where Paris France Garage comes in. What we can offer you is the chance to purchase great parking spots from secure car parks Paris. The idea is to always have a parking spot at a car park Paris ready for you wherever you are and whenever you need it. Here at Paris France Garage, we make sure to offer cheap parking Paris for all different types of vehicles in a number of ideally located car parks all over the city.

Car parking Paris from a Reliable source

Paris France Garage is a service that allows car drivers to save time and money by purchasing spots for car parking in Paris. There are plenty of other companies that offer similar Paris parking services but, we can assure you that our service is unique and much more economical. While most other service providers may act as the middle man between the car parks in Paris, we offer you the chance to get the same service at a much cheaper price. Our services, at Paris France Garage are easy to arrange and will only take a couple of minutes and a few clicks at the most to book a car park Paris that will keep your car safe until you return from your appointment, sightseeing trip or to provide long stay parking Paris. For the best cheap parking Paris, this is definitely a small time to spend on the arrangements.

Our website is created to be user friendly, informative and extremely useful when it comes to locating the ideal spots for secure parking Paris as well as for long stay parking Paris. We believe that you should have the peace of mind to concentrate on your business affairs or sightseeing of Paris once you have parked your car at one of our Paris parking spots.

Cheap parking Paris, Park and Ride Paris and Secure Parking Paris in one package

At Paris France Garage, you will not have to deal with commissions, long walking distances and of course, any security issues. Once you have booked a parking space on a car park in Paris, you will receive complete security as a part of the package. Our Paris parking spots are fully monitored by highly trained security personnel at all times. This means that you don’t ever have to worry about any harm coming to your vehicle while it is parked at one of our parking spots. We specialize in the provision of simple park and ride Paris services for everyone.

Since the Paris parking spots are located at close proximity to all public transportation terminals and famous landmarks as well as populous areas, you will always be in walking distance to your destination. From friendly customer service and fast booking all the way to video surveillance and the most secure parking Paris options you can think of, this is truly cheap parking in Paris at its very best. Signing up for a park and ride Paris deal with us is surely a better option in comparison to circling around the streets looking for car parking Paris. We give you the opportunity to reserve a car parking Paris spot for you within a matter of a few clicks.

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