Car Wash Paris

Paris France Garage Car Wash

Paris France Garage has no less than 15 highly trained and experienced professionals whose job is to pamper your car until it simply gleams with its original shine and beauty.

When it’s all done, you might not even recognize your vehicle !

The high-pressure washing guarantees streak-free results or traces; it allows you to focus on the dirtiest parts of the body without rubbing. Your vehicle is well protected from scratches that may be caused by automatic car wash rollers or brushes.

Self-car wash

Our latest generation equipment is at your disposal 24/7. Exterior cleaning = High pressure washing machine 3 washing cycles:

Washing: Intense Foam for optimal degreasing
Rinsing: Clear high-pressure water to rinse and remove all impurities
Finish: Low pressure demineralized water for a perfect shine
Interior cleaning = Professional Vacuum

Benefits = No appointment needed

“VIP” formula

Your car will be treated like royalty, hand washed, cleaned inside and out, you have nothing to do; our team of cleaners takes care of everything and gives new life to your vehicle (See our price).



Exterior Detail Service15 €15 €17 €
Interior Detail Service19 €23 €25 €
Complete Detail Service29 €36 €39 €


Extras :


Hand drying : +5 €
Rim treatment: +6 €


Exterior cleaning

  • Manuel pre-wash
  • Degreasing and cleaning wheels
  • Projection foam wash
  • High pressure rinsing; manual drying of the vehicle (body + glass)

Interior cleaning:

  • Dashboard and interior cleaning
  • Seats dusting and vacuuming
  • Trunk cleaning

Quality Car Wash Paris to Pamper Your Vehicle

Paris is definitely a city that is well on par with all the modern trends, it is fair to say that the city is definitely one of the most beautiful in the world. If you are living or visiting the city of Paris, then you may want to consider finding a car wash Paris, to make sure that your vehicle looks its best to suit the rest of the lovely surroundings.

Paris France Garage is not only a service that offers parking spaces all over the city of Paris. In reality, we also offer you the opportunity to get the best car wash Paris services in the city.

Car Wash in Paris: the High Quality Option

At Paris France Garage, what we have to offer you is a team of professionals who are well capable of turning your car into something that looks as though it has never been driven before. When it comes to getting a car wash in Paris, we are the ideal option that guarantees a quality wash every single time.

Whether you are on the lookout for internal cleaning or external cleaning, Paris France Garage is the right place to find that perfect car wash in Paris to make your car look its absolute best any time you want it to. We use the latest techniques and advanced equipment to perform quality services at the best prices. So, wait no more!

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