Your itinerary to Hopital Tenon
To reach "Hopital Tenon" from this car park walk on avenue Gambetta and then turn left rue de la Chine.

Time : 10 minutes (walking distance)

Location of the car park
Located "Porte des Lilas", parking gambetta is accessible from "Boulevard of Peripherique", "Les Marechaux" and "Place Gambetta". This car is close to Pere Lanchaise and "George Vallerey" swimming pool.

Around your point of interest
Mairie de Paris 20e arrondissement : 6 Place Gambetta 75020 Paris

Mary's Hotel : 118 Rue Orfila 75020 Paris

Palma 20 Hotel : 77 Avenue Gambetta, 75020 Paris

Ermitage Hotel: 42 Bis Rue de l'Ermitage, 75020 Paris

Hipotel : 60 Rue Belgrand, 75020 Paris

Nadaud Hotel : 6 Rue Bidassoa 75020 Paris

Belgrand Hotel : 236 Rue Pyrénées 75020 Paris


Handicapped Spaces

Reception Desk 24/7

Hand Car Wash

Self Car Wash

1.80 m



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