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Reception desk 24/7 : Our offices are open and welcome you 24/24 and 7 / 7. People at the reception are at your disposal to serve you better.
Day/Night Security Guard : Guards experienced undertake surveillance of our parking 24 hours on 24 and 7 / 7 to ensure maximum safety.
Video Surveillance : The surveillance of our parking is also provided by a video surveillance system last generation. Moreover, at each entrance and exit number plates of vehicles in our car parks are monitored to prevent any risk of theft and fraud.
Trucks : Parking spaces are provided in our specific parking for vehicles with a height between 2.00 m and 3.00m.
Service available at Parking Pyrénées-Duclos and Parking Gambetta
Handicapped Space : Parking spaces are provided in our specific parking for people with reduced mobility. These parking spaces are specifically reserved for vehicles displaying a parking card for people with disabilities.
Self Car Wash: Our parking lots have a car wash, self-service. You can come without an appointment to clean your own car. A vacuum cleaner and a piece karcher are at your disposal 24/24.
Hand Car Wash : Our car parks have a cleaning service by hand. Someone will take care of your vehicle. The services offered range from cleaning the interior and exterior renovation of the leather, plastics or wheels of your vehicle..

This service is only available by appointment. You can make an appointment online by clicking here or by calling the park concerned. The rates for this type of wash going from 15.00 € to 39.00 € (More informations)
Maximum Height 1.80m : The maximum height of this park is 1.80m
Maximum Height 1.90m : The maximum height of this park is 1.90m
2 Wheeler : Spaces are provided in our specific parking for 2 wheels.

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